The success of your internationally recruited professional is linked to the career options for their partners. By supporting the expat partner’s goals you contribute to the successful assignment of your expat.


Prepare yourself with the necessary tools, techniques and confidence for a successful job search.


The success of an employee rests as much in their skills, as in the way they are managed. Support Line Managers to help them identify, bring out & develop the assets of your employees.


Discover potential.
Optimise performance.
Select the right candidate.
Identify strengths and development needs.


Tackle the challenges of career transition with respect for the company and your employees.


Whether you are exploring a career change, or find your position has been made redundant, Career Transition Coaching can help clarify your career direction; identify career options and provide confidence in taking next steps.

About Teresa

Teresa Moynihan is a Certified and Licensed Career Counsellor with a postgraduate qualification in Career and Talent Management. Her expertise in this area is complimented with extensive experience in HR and Training & Development, fulfilling HR key roles throughout a full company life-cycle; start-up, several re-organisations, downsizing and finally company closure.

She has a passion for helping people facing a career transition and enjoys helping them to gain confidence, discover and identify key career elements and to consider options for the future. Her earlier hands-on experience in HR and Recruitment as well as her natural coaching skills enables her to help people navigate a transition process that they would otherwise find difficult.

Originally from Ireland, she started her own consultancy business in 2005 offering HR and Recruitment services to international companies. She later re-trained as a Career Counsellor and extended her services to Career Transition Coaching and Training for individuals and organisations.

Professional Accreditations
Teresa has qualified and trained in the following fields:

International Systemic Team Coaching Certification from the Academy of Executive Coaching, UK.

Career and Talent Management – Post Graduate Diploma, Kingston University, UK.

Occupational Ability and Personality Assessments, Certified Test User – awarded by the British Psychologists Society (BPS) to European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) standards.

Career Counselling – License and Certification awarded by Career Counselling Services, UK.